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Sonja Weirather

Designer: Sonja Weirather



Sonja Weirather
Current Residence - Country & City: Austria – Reutte / Tirol
Age: 55

Schooling (List School, Graduation Date, and Major):

Graphic design HTL Göthe/Linz (1972 – 1976)
I visited two training courses at the Pedagogical Institute in the State of Tyrol. Since 1993 I am teacher in the carving school – Elbigenalp, Tirol, Austria (Technical College for Craftwork - Woodcarver, Gilder and Signwriter)

Where I am teaching graphic design and program applications (Adobe Suite, Corel, etc.) Additionally, since 1995 - freelance graphic-designer (focus: web design and all art advertising-media) For me artistic freedom is very important. I always try to go this way with my students. I love to participate in design contests because I like the challenge.

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Design: Flower in the wind Handtufted

The inspiration for my CarpetVista submission was inspired by nature. It should resemble a flower blowing in the wind - with colour circle.


If you have any questions regarding this carpet please don´t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you.

Flower in the wind Handtufted carpet CVD11023

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.