Care & Fair

CarpetVista is a proud member of the CARE & FAIR, a European carpet trade industry initiative.

Founded in September 1994 by socially engaged carpet traders, CARE & FAIR - Carpet Trade Against Child Labour - aims to enable regular schooling for children of carpet knotters, provide opportunities for women to learn to read and write as well as provide free healthcare for the whole family.

Care & Fair

As a member of CARE & FAIR, CarpetVista helps fight illegal child labour as well as improve living conditions of carpet knotters and their families in India and Pakistan.

Since 2002, women from carpet knotting families are offered opportunities to learn basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics via a Women Empowerment Program, which is also actively supported by CARE & FAIR. In addition to academic skills, women are taught how to sew which enables them to create goods to sell at the local markets or use at home.

Care & Fair

At present, CARE & FAIR supports 10 schools, 6 adult education centers and 3 healthcare centers in India and Pakistan.

We are excited and proud to be a part of CARE & FAIR and most importantly, to help create better living conditions for the families involved.

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