Colors by Meja Handtufted carpet CVD6635

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

Irma & Meja Absér Eklöf

Designer: Irma & Meja Absér Eklöf



Meja: Is a lively, curious and wild 4-year old who is always up to something.

Irma: Is a happy, calm and caring 6-year old who loves to play outdoors with her friends.

All carpets by Irma & Meja Absér Eklöf

Design: Colors by Meja Handtufted

This really reflects Meja. Everything is going on at the same time. She likes different colors.


If you have any questions regarding this carpet please don´t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you.