Carpets in living rooms

Brown / yellow  colored vintage -  Carpet in a living room.
Brown / yellow colored vintage - Carpet in a living room.

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Many consider the living room to be the most important room when it comes to decorating. Here you will find suggestions of carpets suited for both the formal and more traditional living room as well as for the minimalistic, modern style living room with open floor plans and high ceilings. Besides serving a practical purpose, the right carpet can really lift the whole room and become the focal point of your living room. To help you find the perfect carpet for your living room we have furnished living rooms in a variety of styles using different types of carpets. Browse through our picture gallery and see how our Oriental and Modern style carpets look in different living room settings.

Season Sale
Up to  60%

Modern structure

Clearance Sale

15th year anniversary!
Up to  40%

Light / Scandinavian



Colored Vintage & Patchwork
Up to  70%

Bright carpets

Up to  30%


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