Angela Monteiro

(1984) Born in Porto, Portugal

(2010) Integrated Master's degree in Architecture by ESAP, Porto
(2015) Degree in Conservation and Restoration, UCP - Catholic University of Porto

Personal Statement
The professional and academic path has always been structured and developed in parallel with the Art field, having always a straight connection with it. The artwork developed since 2011 is based on structuring forms and colors in a way that they form a still image of a “subject” in motion. This “subject” – the main focus of the painting - can be an emotion, a meditative state, a personal situation occurred or simply a thought or an idea that suddenly appears in the canvas and it’s demanding for a physical existence.
I've always been influenced by everything that has irony, beauty and truth. Everything that it’s involved in the Art field by definition surrounds me in a natural and personal way, where I often offer my dedication. My life path revealed Architecture, I was wrapped in its beauty and simplicity of design, drawing, conceptual thinking, freedom of thought and inherent poetry in detail, finding beauty in physical construction.
I find the most self-balanced state in my work by drawing, reading, finding images and shapes that divulge me, in small sculptures that embody personal images and transforms the space around it. Abstractionism in all its dimensions absorbs me and gives me the energy and force to carry on my path.
Lives and works in Porto, Portugal.

Exhibitions and Participations
(2016) February, Affordable Art Fair / Brussels, via Galeria Gaudi (Madrid)
(2012) July, Collective exhibition entitle “Subtleties”, at the The Brick Lane Gallery (London)

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