Viva - Red

160x230 cm

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The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

Evelin Hartmann

Evelin Hartmann

Designer Germany Germany

Evelin Hartmann is a Munich based industrial design student at the University of Applied Sciences. She was able to gain a lot of work experience during the internships she did. She was working as a CMF designer (Color Material Finish) at MINI (BMW, Munich) and at Designworks in Los Angeles, California. She was also working for 6 months as a furniture designer for the famous designer Anderssen&Voll in Oslo, Norway. She loves working with textiles and natural materials. Right now she is back in Munich to finish her bachelor degree.

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The inspiration for the design VIVA is our lifeblood, which accompanies us through the whole day, the water.
Where we can find water, there we will find life.
Its unique beauty and creation fascinates me.
VIVA shows prancing water drops, the pleasures of life.
Water brings good, it calms us down and reminds us to find ourselves and to make our home a place of inner balance and harmony.

Synthetic Wool  Synthetic Wool

Synthetic wool (Polypropylene) is a man-made fibre, made up of tightly twisted yarns that give the rug a lively lustre. Polypropylene has a high resistance to wear and can withstand heat well. Rugs produced using polypropylene are ideal for people with allergies to, for example, natural materials. The material is antistatic which means it does not shed fibres or attract dust and is easy to clean.


All our machine-knotted rugs from Turkey are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a globally uniform and independent testing- and certification system for textiles. The certification means that the finished product is free from hazardous chemicals.

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