Collectible Unique Knotted by hand Shimmering Wool/Silk

Tabriz 60 Raj silk warp signed: Nezam

343x493 cm
35 000 
51 779 
Retail price: 55 839 

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

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CarpetVista Collectible

CarpetVista Collectible is a unique collection of antique carpets, These beautifully crafted oriental carpets, with their rich and refined details, are considered to be prized collector’s items. Many of the carpets tell an interesting story and are becoming increasingly difficult to find on the market today.

Tabriz 60 Raj silk warp signed: Nezam carpet from Persia / Iran.

This carpet is knotted in workshops in the city of Tabriz in northwestern Persia. It is a sturdy durable carpet with a short rough pile. The patterns can consist of a centrally placed medallion surrounded by arabesques, weeping willows and cypresses. Another popular motif is the four seasons, describing the Persian farmers life during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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