Passages Handtufted - Black / Grey carpet CVD14409

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

Iiro A. Ahokas

Designer: Iiro A. Ahokas



IIRO A. AHOKAS (M.A.) is a Finnish designer specialized in the fields of contemporary product and pattern design. Ahokas' work is focused on creating holistic lifestyle concepts, homeware collections and premium interior objects varying from handcrafted one-offs to industrially manufactured products. Ahokas seeks to create a bold, alternative and dynamic design language to communicate his ideas through various materials and forms of design. His versatile portfolio includes ceramics and glass, textiles, wallpapers, lighting and furniture as well as accessories such as shoes, bags and jewellery. His commercial designs have been retailed worldwide in around forty countries.

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Design: Passages Handtufted

”Weave” is a contemporary, graphic carpet with three-dimensional net pattern in blended, up-to-date colours. The carpet includes elements of silk in the pile.


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