Woven by hand Soft Chenille

Kilim Chenille - Peach Orange

160x230 cm

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

Kilim Chenille - Peach Orange carpet from India.

These smooth, velvety rugs are hand-woven in India and are made of rayon and cotton.
Chenille is a type of velvet yarn giving rugs a fantastic sheen and richer deeper colors. In addition, these rugs are soft and comfortable to walk on, reversible and easy to shake clean and fits well into most environments.
As each rug is handmade, slight discrepancies can occur, such as slightly uneven edges, which only contributes to the unique look and charm of each rug.
For better comfort and increased safety, we recommend a slip protection mat that keeps the rug firmly in place.

Soft Chenille  Soft Chenille

Chenille yarn is produced from different materials, e.g. cotton, rayon or acrylic, by twisting the yarn around a thicker thread. The yarn therefore becomes thick, soft and produces an exciting relief pattern thanks to the protruding yarn fibres from the twisted yarns.

Care & Fair

We are proud to be part of the organization CARE & FAIR. Their mission is to improve the living conditions of carpet weavers in India and their families through education and health

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