Himalaya carpet ORB950

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.


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David Hyde
This Swedish company's website is excellent.
This Swedish company's website is superb, giving detailed description and visuals of all of its rugs and carpets. The uninitiated into the world of these handmade products can feel entirely safe in shopping from the site. I can speak with some knowledge of this subject having been involved in orientals in the UK for almost twenty years before retirement. I can confirm that not only are the descriptions of the rugs and their origins very accurate but their prices are remarkably competitive when compared to making a retail purchase over here - possibly by as much as 100% or more! Having moved house recently, I found that. I needed a rug for a particular location in a specific size I didn't have, so by going online I found this company by chance and by researching found exactly what I needed in a superb quality with extra fine knotting. (and it is signed by the weaver which I don't think was noticed by the company as it usually attracts a small premium in the price!) Having made payment, the rug arrived four days later by FedEx, exactly as described together with an online certificate of verification. I am very pleased with it. Freighting was free (and duty free) and should I have needed to return it for whatever reason, colour, size, damage etc., that too would have been free, a superb service In view of the distance involved. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for your purchases.
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