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Unique Knotted by hand

CarpetVista Collectible

A highly exclusive pure Bursa silk Herike carpet with excquisitely refined elements of gold.

This magnificent work of art is regarded as an extraordinarily valuable and prized collector's item. Strikingly rich in detail, the technique and talent behind the creation of this masterpiece can only be carried out by the most experienced of weavers.

Prized carpets for the elite

Carpets of this quality are considered to be amongst the finest of silk carpets in the world and in the early twentieth century these carpets were regarded as some of the most valuable and prized assets of the elite. Up until the political revolution in 1923 pure silk carpets from Herike were exclusively manufactured for palaces, mosques and affluent figures of society. It was not until the middle of the twentieth century that the skilled weavers of Herike were allowed to take up production again. Once more, magnificent pieces of art were created, still in line with the high quality refined tradition of Ottoman Palace carpets that had previously been offered as gifts to visiting royalties and high ranked officials by the Ottoman Sultans.

Talented Herike weavers

This particular carpet is a stunning piece of art, a prized gem with a sheerly mesmerizing pure silk surface that enticingly changes in colour according to light reflections. With an impressive knot density of over one millions knots per square metre and the exquisite incorporation of gold threads, this unparalleled collector's item of sheer beauty is considered to be amongst the most difficult of all handmade carpets to make.

It will surely adorn the floor or wall of the home in which it is placed in and remain in style for several generations to come.

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Herike silk Gold carpet OVA5

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.