Woven by hand Durable Wool

Check Kilim - Red / White

240x300 cm

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.

Check Kilim - Red / White carpet from India.

This carpet is woven mainly in Dhurrie in India, but also in other places in the country. It is an Indian kelim weaving made of wool.

Please note that due to the production method, carpet lengths may vary slightly. We do not recommend you to wash the carpet yourself. Carpet cleaning should always be carried out by a professional.

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Watch a film clip about Rölakan / Dhurrie

Durable Wool  Durable Wool

Wool is a natural textile fibre and one of the most sought after materials for rug making. Wool rugs are highly durable and perfectly capable of resisting wear and tear of every day use. Wool has a naturally dirt-repelling effect and is easy to keep clean. It is also flame resistant and characteristically retains it’s shape so that the pile of the rug always rises.

Care & Fair

We are proud to be part of the organization CARE & FAIR. Their mission is to improve the living conditions of carpet weavers in India and their families through education and health

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CarpetVista review

4.9 of 5

Every they say happened re logistics and that means a lot when living on a small island.

Simon G.

Buena calidad y entrega muy rápida. La alfombra se ve de buena calidad y es tal y como está descrita en la página. La entrega fue muy rápida, a los pocos días de pedirla ya nos llegó.

Pablo P.

I wanted a carpet paid for in UK but shipped to daughter in California. They arranged it all and the carpet arrived promptly. Excellent work from Lea especially! I have bought rugs from them for a few years now and I cannot find a single thing to fault.

Mrs Lyn Armstrong

Excellent service. Lovely carpet. Thanks

A E C Letley

I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of service I received on my first order from Carpetvista. The order took just one week to be delivered to Malta. My order was handled with utmost efficiency from start to finish. I do not hesitate to recommend Carpetvista to any future client!

Joseph G.

Great service

Caroline Huxford

Good service! Be aware that carpet photos are lighter.

Peep M.

Excellent! Quick delivery, lovely rug! Nicer than expected!


I bought three same model (single color, thick) carpets in different sizes in different times. Happy with the products, and the shipment is very quick and seamless.


Thank you, Lea

There is nothing to say except that the carpets are beautiful and the service is absolutely fantastic. Personally want to thank Lea, who was helping me to fight all my hesitations and doubts while exchanging a carpet I was not sure about :-). As a result - two fantastic carpets arrived and made me extremely happy. Thank you, Lea and the team.




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