Bakhtiari carpet VEXD5

The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from.


422x580 cm Unique Knotted by hand

Carpet ID VEXD5
Knot density approx 360 000 knots per m²

You can easily calculate the knot density yourself by counting the number of knots 1 cm down and 1 cm across, and then multiplying these numbers together. Then multiply the total by 10,000 to give the number of knots per m².

Some carpet sellers exaggerate the knot density, so to be sure that you are comparing like for like when it comes to price, it is worth checking the knot density yourself. Most of CarpetVista’s carpets have a photograph of the reverse with a ruler, making it easy to examine the knot quality and count the exact knot density before choosing your carpet.

Thickness ≈ 8 mm
Production year 1900
Origin Persia / Iran
Pile Wool
Wool is a natural textile fibre and one of the most sought after materials for rug making. Wool rugs are highly durable and perfectly capable of resisting wear and tear of every day use. Wool has a naturally dirt-repelling effect and is easy to keep clean. It is also flame resistant and characteristically retains it’s shape so that the pile of the rug always rises.
Warp Cotton
Manufacturing Knotted by hand
Elaborate weaving technique with specialized artisans tying knots to form rows of pile either by cutting each individual knot or an entire row of knots. Hand-knotting takes time and also allows for intricate patterns.
Also known as Bakhtiar, Baktiar, Bachtiar, Bakthiari, Bakthiyar, Baktjar
Size 422x580

This carpet is hand knotted/woven; therefore, difference in shape, thickness, pattern and sizes can occur. This applies particularly to nomadic and village carpets.

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Rosen T.
Excellent service
Fully satisfied!!!
Nira D. S.
Amazing service and fair price !will…
Amazing service and fair price !will order again
Delivery and packaging was excellent
Delivery and packaging was excellent. Although having re read my order after delivery, the carpet was advertised as 5mm thick. It looks great.... but I am disappointed with the thickness especially as it wasn't cheap.I will definitely use Carpet Vista again though.
Lars Gustavsson
Always prompt good delivery
Always prompt good delivery, 4th rug just bought. Delivered as promised and good quality.
M. Dijk
wonderful service, great carpet, great price. i ordered the carpet and a few days later this carpet came brought to my house. it went all very quickly and easy.
Jørgen Koch
Beautiful rug
Beautiful rug, Quick respons and Swift delivery, Love it, JK
Jacqueline W.
I am really pleased with the rug and…
I am really pleased with the rug and very impressed with the fast delivery.
Neil S.
Class act
Class act,great rug
Fantastic rug and service.
Ali Wheeler
This is my second order of rugs and…
This is my second order of rugs and once again they are excellent quality and such a prompt service. I’m delighted.
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