Take part in CarpetVista's Design Competition

The competition provides you the opportunity to design carpets. The winning designs will be produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively on CarpetVista. You and your art will be marketed on Europe’s largest trading place for textile art.

The aim of the competition is for you to design a carpet, and we will then provide the production. The carpet will be hand-tufted or hand-woven using the highest quality materials. Depending on the motifs the materials are selected, it will be either entirely of wool or with a warp of cotton and a pile of wool. Elements of silk in the pile may also occur.

The prizes consist of:

· 1st prize: 2 230 €/ design   2 winners

· 2nd prize: 557 €/ design   3 winners

· 3rd prize: 223 €/ design   20 winners

Please note that:

· The carpet should have a modern feeling.

· The same design can be produced in different color-combinations.
NB! (If you provide designs in different color combinations we see this as an added advantage).

· The motif should not to be too detailed.

· The size and shape (round, squared, rectangular etc.) may vary depending on the design. The design should suit a carpet that measures up to 2x3 metres.

· You should also suggest a name for your design.

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Read the competition rules before you submit your design(s).You are welcome to submit several designs

The competition has two phases. The finalists are picked by an experienced jury that has expertise in textiles, art, design and carpet production. The jury's verdict is final and cannot be appealed. The designs that make it to the final will be displayed on CarpetVista and CarpetVista's visitors will cast their vote to select the winner.

The last day to submit a design is 2016-09-23

We will only accept designs that are uploaded through the web. Submissions that are posted or emailed will not be considered in the competition.If you have a design on paper and lack access to a scanner you can photograph the design with a digital camera or mobile phone and upload the picture via the web.